One Piece Review: Of Bad Pirates, Good Swashbucklers and A Whole Lot of Adventure

J. Shruti

For Now

As far as the future adventures of the Straw Hats is concerned, this is only the beginning; a mere introduction to the ambitious journeys each member is imagining for themselves.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

The live-action adaptation of the beloved manga series by the same name manages to stay buoyant while sifting through the original material, even though it lacks the original’s goofiness.

Fans of The Anime

Anime Enthusiasts will notice that the camp aesthetic of the anime translates awkwardly to Netflix’s self-serious aesthetic. The worldbuilding, crumbling under the pressure to condense the plot of anime show’s arcs, is far less detailed.

In Praise of Goofiness

Perhaps because Netflix confused goofiness with intellectual frivolity, the earnestness that is packed into One Piece threatens to sink the show and overwhelm its tone in its darker moments.

If You Aren’t Familiar With The Manga Series

Here’s a hint of what’s in store with the eight-episode, live action adaptation of One Piece.