Nostalgic Disney Shows on OTT

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The Wizards Of Waverly Place (2007-2012)

The Russo family owns a restaurant and resides in New York. However, the father is a wizard, and the children are in training. The child who masters their powers will be given the family wand.

Hannah Montana (2006-2011)

Starring Miley Cyrus as teenage girl leading a double life as a regular schoolgirl by day and famous pop star Hannah Montana by night. The series showcases Miley's attempts to keep her two identities separate while dealing with adolescence.

Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004)

An ordinary teenage girl faces the everyday challenges of school, family, and friends. The show is known for its relatable storylines and the animated thoughts of Lizzie, which provide humorous insights into her feelings and experiences.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (2005-2008)

The series follows identical twins Zack and Cody Martin, who live in the luxurious Tipton Hotel in Boston after their mother gets a job as the hotel's lounge singer.

Recess (1997-2001)

Depicts the lives of six elementary school students during their daily recess period. The show explores the social hierarchy and dynamics of the playground, with the main characters often challenging the rules set by the authoritative figures of the school.

That's So Raven (2003-2007)

Raven Baxter, a teenager with psychic abilities that allow her to glimpse into the future. Often, her attempts to prevent these future events from happening lead to comedic misunderstandings and adventures.

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