Nikkhil Advani and actor Konkona Sen Sharma talk about Mumbai Diaries

Team FC

Konkona's First Web Series

“This is the first web series I've ever done, and a sequel at that, so I'm actually very pleased because I've never had this experience before, of returning to a character,” said Sen Sharma.

Three Criteria To Choose The Subject For Mumbai Diaries

One, it has to be about an event that brings the city to its knees. Two, it needs to be within 24 to 36 hours. And three, it needs to have medical drama.

Konkona Faced Difficulty

“The most difficult thing for me was all that underwater action,” laughed Sen Sharma. “I don't swim and I'm a little scared of the water. We did some training and they were very good, it was all very professional, very hygienic.”

Looking Ahead

Advani is cautiously optimistic about future seasons. “In order to make this show long-tale — if we are doing a Season 3 and a Season 4 and a Season 5 — we can't just keep depending on the city coming to its knees, right?

The Logline of Mumbai Diaries is

Sometimes those who are meant to heal are the most broken. And Advani cannot resist broken characters. “I think that whether that is in a medical drama, whether that is in an airport the more you break a character, the more interesting I think the journey will be.