Netflix Movies With the Best Soundtracks

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The Harder They Fall (2021)

With a stellar soundtrack blending hip-hop, soul, and Western influences, "The Harder They Fall" immerses audiences in its vibrant world, complementing the film's stylish and action-packed narrative.

Malcolm & Marie (2021)

"Malcolm & Marie" weaves an emotional and intimate tale heightened by its evocative soundtrack, featuring carefully curated songs that enhance the film's raw and intense moments.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021)

The concluding chapter of the beloved trilogy, "To All the Boys: Always and Forever," boasts a delightful soundtrack that adds a melodic backdrop to the romantic journey of Lara Jean and Peter.

Someone Great (2019)

The music in "Someone Great" plays a vital role in capturing the film's essence, perfectly complementing the story of love and friendship with an eclectic soundtrack that resonates with emotion and energy.

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 (2021)

"Fear Street Part 1: 1994" employs a nostalgic soundtrack that takes audiences back to the '90s, enhancing the horror experience with iconic tracks that heighten the suspense and atmosphere.

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

"Always Be My Maybe" charms viewers not only with its romantic storyline but also with a soundtrack that blends contemporary hits and nostalgic tunes, creating a delightful musical backdrop for this romantic comedy.

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