Must-Watch Bradley Cooper Movies of All Time

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Burnt (2015) - Chef Adam Jones

Bradley Cooper plays Chef Adam Jones, a once-promising young chef whose career imploded due to personal issues and substance abuse. After hitting rock bottom, he seeks redemption and a chance at culinary greatness by opening a new restaurant in London.

Aloha (2015) - Brian Gilcrest

A military contractor assigned to a project in Hawaii. Brian, dealing with past mistakes, becomes entangled in personal and professional complications, including reconnecting with a former love interest and navigating the challenges of the project.

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Limitless (2011) - Eddie Morra

A struggling writer who gains access to a mysterious drug that enhances his cognitive abilities. As Eddie experiences unprecedented mental clarity and success, he also faces the dangerous consequences of the drug's side effects and attracts unwanted attention.

The Hangover Series - Phil Wenneck

Phil Wenneck, is one of the main protagonists in the "Hangover" trilogy. He is part of a group of friends who find themselves in outrageous and comedic situations during bachelor party trips, dealing with the aftermath of wild adventures and unexpected consequences.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Pat Solitano Jr.

In this critically acclaimed film, Cooper portrays Pat Solitano Jr., As he strives to rebuild his life, Pat forms an unexpected connection with a young widow, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and navigates the challenges of family, love, and personal recovery.

A Star is Born (2018) - Jackson Maine

A seasoned musician struggling with alcoholism and personal demons. He discovers and mentors a talented singer, played by Lady Gaga, as her career begins to ascend, while his own life spirals into turmoil due to the complexities of fame and addiction.

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