Mumbai Diaries Season 2 Review: A Masterclass in Mayhem and Medical Drama

Rahul Desai

2005 Mumbai Floods

The 2005 Mumbai floods are repositioned as a 2009 event, but the idea of a franchise remains rooted in the structural continuity of a socio-political tragedy.

Reminds The Audience

The cultural identity of Mumbai is often reduced to numbers: 26/11 in the first season, 26/7 in the second. But the times – these dates and their iconic incidents – are only the trigger. The bullet is timeless.

Stories Of Hope

This tissue between image and imagery is subtext as well as text. A news anchor who rose to prominence by villainizing the hospital gets disillusioned when her editor orders her to focus on “stories of hope” during the deluge.

The Best Moments Of The Show

They emerge from their inability to stick to their job profile – when their empathy can’t be contained any longer.

Mumbai Diaries 2

It thrives on this private bridge between impression and expression. After all, cities like Mumbai are defined by flesh and blood. And diaries are defined by letters and confessions.