Mr. and Mrs. Smith Series Review

J. Shruti


Mr. and Mrs. Smith are spies, working with a shady, but formidable international agency that has crafted a detailed cover for them, right down to a marriage certificate and a fancy townhouse with Italian tiles, expensive art, a cellar, a luxurious balcony, a kitchen garden, and a safe room.

Loosely Based on The 2005 Film by The Same Name

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is about two people who are brought together by a boss they know only by their greeting, “Hihi”. While pretending to be a married couple, John and Jane Smith are supposed to carry out high-risk expeditions

Will There be a Season 2?

The first season effectively builds up to the point where the film begins. There’s no official announcement of a renewal and the show ends on an ambiguous note, leaving the possibility of a second season open while also offering a conclusion to John and Jane’s story arc. 

Chemistry Between The Lead Actors

Glover and Erskine’s chemistry does not have that clothe-ripping intensity, but they are riveting as a fake married couple who eagerly slip into sexual intimacy even while holding up barriers to emotional closeness. 

The Show’s Supporting Cast

Includes Paul Dano as a nosey, real estate agent and neighbour; John Turturro as one of John and Jane’s targets; Michaela Coel as a rival; and Parker Posey as another Jane Smith who, along with her partner (also John Smith)

Sweet Glimpses of Respite

It’s a self-serious and afflicted kind that is bolstered by trauma bonding and accommodation of the other’s smaller quirks. But then, what is love, no, marriage, if not a good-fashioned obliging of these uglier ingredients?