Movies You Didn't Know Were Connected

Team FC

Fast and Furious (2001-Present) / Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)

Better Luck Tomorrow features the character Han, whose backstory and fate become integral to the Fast and Furious franchise, revealing an unexpected connection between the two films.

Stree (2018) / Roohi (2021)

These horror comedies share the same universe, with subtle references and overlapping elements suggesting a connection between the mysterious female antagonists in both films.

Blade Runner (1982) / Soldier (1998) / Alien (1979)

These sci-fi films are connected through subtle Easter eggs and shared themes, hinting at a cohesive universe spanning different planets and time periods.

American Psycho (2000) / The Rules of Attraction (2002)

Both films are based on novels by Bret Easton Ellis and contain references to each other's characters and events, suggesting they exist within the same fictional universe.

Jackie Brown (1997) / Out of Sight (1998)

These crime thrillers share characters played by Michael Keaton, suggesting a crossover between the two films and hinting at a broader interconnected world of crime and intrigue.

Machete (2010) / Spy Kids (2001)

Machete is a spin-off of the Spy Kids franchise, featuring the character of Machete Cortez, suggesting a surprising connection between the two seemingly unrelated film series

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