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Dead Poets' Society (1989) - Disney+ Hotstar

Robin Williams' inspirational hit Dead Poet's Society offers up a legion of life lessons that have changed many lives, the most prominent is Carpe Diem! Keating stresses on how building your legacy is upto one person- you. So "seize the day boys, and make your lives extraordinary."

Whiplash (2014)

The constant running theme is a lesson to never give up. Neiman faces a path riddled with obstacles that seem insurmountable, but what he always does, is pick up those drumsticks. And that's how you achieve a dream.

Satyaprem Ki Katha (2023) - Prime Video

It simply teaches a very important lesson that Consent is key, and there is no shame in being a survivor of sexual assault. The Mirror, from Lust Stories 2. Seema’s husband talks about how his consent was ignored in the voyeuristic tug-of-war between Seema and Isheeta.

C'mon C'mon (2021) - Prime Video

C'Mon C'Mon has the potential to be used as a teaching tool in a social science class for adults, where Writer/Director Mike Mills presents a reflective and educational story about the experiences of youth, growing up, and the various challenges that life throws our way.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) - Disney+ Hotstar

This biographical film chronicles the life of Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Through Dhoni's story, the film underscores the significance of patience in one's career and life, emphasizing the resilience needed to overcome challenges and achieve long-term goals.

Shanghai (2012) - MX Player

Confront political corruption and the consequences of societal apathy. The film addresses the socio-political issues plaguing a small town and the need for individuals to take a stand for justice.

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