Movies That Deal With Grief

Team FC

Goldfish (2023) - N/A

Anamika goes back to her old house from her childhood after her mother, Sadhana, is diagnosed with dementia. Supported by her neighborhood, Anamika attempts to confront her past and make amends with her mother.

Manchester by The Sea (2016) - Prime Video

The film is a critically acclaimed drama that examines the devastating effects of grief on its protagonist, who is forced to confront his painful past following a family tragedy.

Short Term 12 (2013) - Prime Video

Grace, a manager at a residential facility for troubled teenagers, faces challenges in balancing her personal and professional life. Nonetheless, she forms a strong connection with a new young girl at the facility.

Demolition (2015) - Prime Video

The film takes a unique approach to exploring grief, following a man who channels his emotions into unconventional acts of destruction following the death of his wife.

The Art of Grieving (2022) - Plex

After his 35-year-old brother's unexpected passing, an artist delves into a year-long painting endeavor to cope with his grief.

The Goldfinch (2019) - Jiocinema

The film explores the enduring effects of a traumatic childhood event on its protagonist, examining how grief shapes his identity and influences his relationships as he grapples with the complexities of guilt and longing.