Movie Franchises That Have Most Sequels

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Godzilla: 38 Films

A radioactive king of kaiju stomped his way into 38 films (including Japanese and American versions) beginning from 1954– from battling fellow monsters to saving Tokyo, Godzilla proves that size matters, especially when it comes to box office dominance and roaring into cinematic history.

Carry On: 31 Films

This British comedy franchise contains the largest number of films of any British film franchise, spanning from 1958 to 1992.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: 28 Films

Iron Man kicked off a cinematic inferno, assembling 28 films (and counting) of heroes, villains, and galactic battles in this classic superhero franchise that is often pitted against the DC Universe.

James Bond: 25 Films

This martini-swirling secret agent has been shaking and stirring since 1962 in the longest running film franchise, proving that a classic formula, a touch of cool gadgets, and global espionage never go out of style

Star Trek: 13 Films

This popular sci-fi franchise explores the final frontier with diversity and optimism and began with the eponymous 1960s television series before branching out into movies and becoming a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.

Friday the 13th: 12 Films

This classic American slasher films franchise spawned 12 films (plus a TV series), from 1980 to 2009, of Jason Voorhees stalking and slashing his way through unlucky weekend warriors and created a pop culture legacy.

Fast & Furious: 11 Films

This adrenaline filled action media franchise that roars through heists and heartbreaks began in 2001, with the latest movie releasing in May 2023 and still making waves at the box office.

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