Most Viewed Movies on Netflix

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7. The Mother - 134.6 Million Views

Directed by Niki Caro and released in 2023, "The Mother" holds the seventh position on Netflix's most-watched list with 134.6 million views.

6. We Can Be Heroes - 137.3 Million Views

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, this film has garnered around 137.3 million views on Netflix, showcasing its popularity.

5. The Gray Man - 140 Million Views

Ranked fifth, this American thriller film from 2022 has achieved approximately 140 million views on Netflix.

4. Bird Box - 157.4 Million Views

Taking the fourth place with 157.4 million views, this horror-thriller film has captivated a substantial audience on Netflix.

3. The Adam Project - 157 Million Views

Released in 2022, this movie has secured the third position in Netflix's most-watched list, attracting a substantial audience with over 157 million views.

2. Don't Look Up - 171.4 Million Views

Released in 2021, this film takes the second spot with 171.4 million viewers, making it one of the most-watched on Netflix.

1. Red Notice - 230.9 Million Views

The American action-comedy film has garnered an impressive 230.9 million views on Netflix.

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