Most Hated Anime Characters

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Griffith from "Berserk" earns disdain for his ruthless ambitions and betrayals, making him one of the most despised anime characters due to his morally ambiguous actions.

Celestial Dragons

The Celestial Dragons in "One Piece" evoke intense dislike for their cruel and entitled behavior, symbolizing the oppressive system within the anime's world, garnering widespread animosity.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno from "Naruto" is polarizing among fans, criticized for early character flaws and perceived ineffectiveness, leading to a divisive reception within the anime community.

Shou Tucker

Shou Tucker in "Fullmetal Alchemist" is detested for his unethical alchemical experiments, creating a disturbing turning point in the series that elicits strong negative emotions from viewers.

Malty S Melromarc

Malty S Melromarc from "The Rising of the Shield Hero" is disliked for her deceitful actions, contributing to the protagonist's unjust mistreatment, making her a character audiences love to hate.

Gabi Braun

Gabi Braun from "Attack on Titan" faces animosity for her fervent loyalty to Marley, leading to controversial actions that challenge viewers' sympathies in the complex narrative.

Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta from "My Hero Academia" draws criticism for his lecherous behavior, contributing to discomfort among fans and making him one of the least favored characters in the series.

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