Most Anticipated Hollywood Films Releasing in March

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Dune: Part Two - 1st March

Denis Villeneuve directs the follow-up to his successful 2021 film adapted from Frank Herbert's novel.

All of Us Strangers - 8th March

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal star in Andrew Haigh's film that blends elements of his own life with fantasy and romance.

The Color Purple - 8th March

Blitz Balawule directs this musical reimagining of Alice Walker's award-winning novel, with Taraji P. Henson, Colman Domingo, Danielle Brooks, and Fantasia Barrino starring.

Kung Fu Panda 4 - 15th March

Po and Co venture out of their provincial environs and enter the big city, where they must battle a new foe called Chameleon.

Imaginary - 15th March

From Blumhouse comes another horror feature, this time about a woman who moves back to her childhood home only to find that her young daughter develops an attachment with a stuffed bear which conceals a lot.

Knox Goes Away - 22nd March

Michael Keaton stars in and directs this feature about a career assassin battling dementia who must do one more job. Al Pacino and Marcia Gay Hayden star alongside Keaton.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire - 29th March

Adam Wingard directs this film about the coming together of Godzilla and Kong to battle an unknown foe.

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