Most Addictive Korean Dramas Of All Time

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Beyond Evil (2021) - Netflix

It revolves around a detective and his new partner as they investigate a series of mysterious murders in a small town. The series explores the complexities of human nature, trust, and the fine line between good and evil.

True Beauty (2020) - Netflix

This webtoon-inspired drama explores the life of a high school student who becomes a makeup guru, navigating the challenges of inner beauty and self-acceptance while maintaining a humorous and heartwarming tone.

Extraordinary You (2019) - ZEE5

Inspired by a July Found by Chance, this romantic fantasy drama portrays the life of a high school student who discovers she is a character in a comic book, and she strives to change her destiny, blending fantasy and romance in a unique way.

Vincenzo (2021) - Netflix

Director Kim Hee-won delivers the goods (and how!) with a scene that brings together comedy and cliché, with Vincenzo (Song) and Cha-young (Jeon) pretending to be a couple.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016) - JioCinema

The story revolves around Kim Shin, an unbeatable General in wars who is killed by the young King out of jealousy. However, he comes back to life as a Dokkaebi (Goblin), an entity possessing immortality.

Crash Landing on You (2019) - Netflix

Crash Landing on You is a fascinating and emotional tale of love and sacrifice set against the backdrop of the complicated relationship between North and South Korea. The show offers a unique perspective on North Korean society.

Be Melodramatic (2019) - MX Player

Be Melodramatic is a rom-com that perfectly encapsulates a 2010s rom-com. It hits on multiple progressive themes with its female leads. The show quickly finds its footing and delivers a drama that perfectly encapsulates a 2010s rom-com.

Her Private Life (2019) - Netflix

Her Private Life is a rom-com about a fangirl falling in love with her boss. Despite being just 16 episodes long, the audience instantly becomes attached to almost every character. The chemistry between the main leads, Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold, is off the charts.

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