Month Of Madhu Review: A Deeply Humane Exploration Of Finding Love And Letting Go

Ram Venkat Srikar

Gutsy And Well-Crafted

In one of the most brilliant recurring stretches of Srikanth Nagothi's Month Of Madhu, we see Madhusudhan and his friend sit in an isolated spot, framed against the port of Vishakapatnam at night and drink.

They Discuss

Madhusudhan (Naveen Chandra, the Picasso of playing toxic characters) his friend (a superb Harsha Chemudu)discuss their past, their friends who moved on in life, their friends' marriage lives and careers, and so on.

Real People, Real Stories

The beauty of Month Of Madhuis that Srikanth rarely tries to engineer the screenplay in a way that makes us see the progression of these characters.

Posits A Broad Take On Relationships

Madhu, the 19-year-old, has a void in her life, much like her male counterpart; she lacks belongingness (she's too Indian in the US and too American in India), is overweight, and wants to find herself and love.

It's All In The Details

Month of Madhu is a story about finding love, its decaying, and letting go. The way it presents each of these stages through Lekha and other characters is stunning.