Mona Singh Finds Characters Through Music | FC Streaming Adda 2023

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The Streaming Adda 2023

With Gulshan Devaiah, Adarsh Gourav, Mona Singh, Gagan Dev Riar, Wamiqa Gabbi and Arjun Mathur, Mona Singh speaks of taking inspiration from music, her characters in Made in Heaven S2 and Kaala Paani.

"I Take Inspiration From Music"

Whenever a new character comes to me, I try to find a song. I constantly listen to that music, read my dialogues and constantly practice in front of the mirror. 1 or 2 songs for each character always. Even to cry i have to find a song. I relate to music.

"Bulbul Was So Well Written"

When I read it I felt like this is an actor's dream to play this character. Zoya Kept telling me Bulbul is all women, She is a feminist. She is very confident and boisterous. Keep her body language like a man but she is all heart. I was like, Oh great! Too many layers. Too much going on. 

For Made in Heaven S2

I was experiencing a lot of sleepless nights and nervousness. I haven't done Something like that before. I’m glad people resonated with Bulbul and gave us so much love. 

I’ve Always Celebrated The Fact That People Haven’t Typecast Me

I think for that it is important to keep saying no to roles that you don’t want to do. I have taken my time. I have waited it out. I’m glad that I’m experiencing and witnessing this beautiful phase of my life.

I don’t Want to Play a Good Mother

“I don’t want to play that, what more is she doing, what value is she adding to the script being a mother because now of course it's that journey for me,”

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