Moments Before Disaster in Movies

Team FC

The Birthday Party (Parasite)

The rainy night in which the Kims almost lose all their worldly possession and home, is followed by the birthday party which brings the class tension accumulate through the film to the fore.

Carrie becomes prom queen (Carrie)

The simmering anger and frustration is released after Carrie faces the abject humiliation and horror of being covered in pig's blood on stage in front of the school.

Alex uses the subway (Irrevesible)

Gasper Noe's non-linear editing makes the excruciating scene of Alex in the subway to avoid the traffic, one of the last scenes, which finally provides a morbid closure.

The Attestupa Ceremony (Midsommar)

Dani's already fragile mental state is further pushed to the brink after witnessing the suicide of the community's elders. The ceremony marks the beginning of a series of odd events.

Cliff Smokes an Acid-dipped Cigarette (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood)

"uhh...Can I help you?" Cliff asks the intruders while high on Acid. It is the beginning of a very violent night, in Tarantino revisionist history film.

Marion in The Shower (Psycho)

One of the most infamous scenes directed by Hitchcock. The tension builds up when Marion enters the shower and continues until a shadowy figure appears behind the shower curtain.

Charlie's peanut allergy getting triggered (Hereditary)

The activation of Charlie's allergy leads to panicked drive to the hospital which leads to her decapitation by a streetlamp, starting the paranormal events of the narrative.