Michael Jackson's Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos

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Billie Jean- 1.5B Views

The iconic single's video with its moonwalk and fedora remains a cultural touchstone and MJ's most viewed to date.

They Don't Care About Us (Brazil Version) - 1B Views

Spike Lee directed the music video for this controversial protest song. The Brazil version amassed 1 billion views, capturing the vibrant spirit of Rio de Janeiro's favelas.

Beat It - 1B Views

Featuring gang members and breakdancing legends like Michael Peters, this high-energy video for the 1983 pop hit highlights the importance of unity and overcoming differences.

Thriller - 956M Views

This revolutionary short film-cum-music video is hailed as the greatest music video of all time blending pop and horror, and is now forever associated with Halloween costumes and zombies.

Smooth Criminal - 912M Views

Debuting Michael Jackson's iconic 'anti-gravity lean' and fedora tilt, this video's sleek visuals and choreography continue to enthrall viewers.

Remember The Time - 543M Views

This visually stunning video transports viewers to ancient Egypt, and was the second short film of MJ's Dangerous album. It also features Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson, adding star power and a playful narrative.

The Way You Make Me Feel - 461M Views

The second short film on the Bad album, this video showcases MJ's smooth moves and infectious energy and features him pursuing model Tatiana Thumbtzen.

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