Meaningful Songs Sung By Piyush Mishra

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In this song inspired by a play based on the partition of India and Pakistan, the singer asks a woman left behind in Pakistan, if things are still the same as they remember. An ode to the shared culture of the two nations.

Ik Bagal

"Ik Bagal mein chand hoga, ik bagal mae rotiyan". An almost lullaby that speaks of small pleasure in a poor world.


"Ghalib ke, Momin ke, khwabon ki duniya". The song paints a colourful and hopeful picture of the world.


"Makhmal si Nazuk Deewarein bhi hogi". A song about lovers building a home together. This song makes use of sandal wood, birds, trees, the sun and the moon to create a 'Romantic' imagination of this home.


"Aarambh hai prachand, bole mastakon ke jhund, aaj jang ki ghadi mein tum guhar do". This power ballad is a call to war, to realize the inner strength of man.

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