Mathagam Review: A Taut Police Procedural With A Compelling Universe

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

At The Centre of This Tamil Procedural Drama Mathagam 

There are two ambitious men — one, a straight-shooting Deputy Commissioner of Police and the other, Tamil Nadu’s most dangerous criminal of modern times, whose fates intersect solely because of chance.

Not Your Usual Cop Story

Mathagam takes the genre quite seriously and is a massive game-changer for a show, which comes at the back of several such procedurals, which has quietly become a streaming favorite format over the years.

No Criminal Exists in This Universe Without a Purpose

No backstory exists without character. So, when Ashwath first runs into Sangu Ganesan, a throat-slitting expert, the gangster’s might isn’t just something that’s already been established.

The Series Does This With Precision And Technique

Every time a rowdy's name is mentioned, we get a microscopic glimpse of their modus operandi through newspaper headlines, cartoons, and black-and-white photos.

Prasath Leaves a Few Things Unsaid

Praveen Antony’s fast cuts make sure that we’re hooked with every neatly packaged episode that is made to hold tension.. Besides knowing just about his rap sheet, we know nothing else about Sekhar.