Masterpeace Review: Lovely Surprises In An Otherwise Boisterous Drama With Schmucks

Vishal Menon

Sreejith, The Director

He also happens to be the production designer. Like how a film directed by a cinematographer looks extra special, you find that sort of special attention to detail in the way the sets have been designed in Masterpeace. 

What Works In The Show’s Favour Is

how simple the plot is: a couple gets into a massive argument which then leads to both their parents intervening to solve the issue. 

We Don’t Understand What’s At Stake

But how many of these arguments can one sit through before switching off? The issue isn’t really with the loud, boisterous nature of the performances or the points the characters keep shouting at each other.

This Is Where Some Of The Best Scenes Take Place

So when nothing much is at stake for this couple, the only real investment we’re making is to see how this interaction would end up transforming the parents.

By The End Of It

We switch off through long stretches of shouting and melodrama that leads nowhere. Despite its intentions, we long for moments like when a father discovers an unlikely friendship with his son’s mother-in-law as they discuss poetry and Shakespeare.