Manjummel Boys Movie Review

Vishal Menon

A Great Friendship Story

A Nerve-wracking survival thriller to give us one of the great friendship stories. Painstaking effort and intelligence seem to have gone into every second of the film, not letting our attention slide for a moment

Based on a Real-Life Incident

Manjummel Boys, based on a real-life incident revolving around the same gang, can be as deceptive as what we first think of them. Chidambaram writes a series of light-hearted sequences that introduce us to each of them.

It’s Not Just The Writing

The sound design is as perfect as this idea and we feel the chills because this is so much more effective than numbers being thrown at us in feet or metres.

Chidambaram Doesn’t Stop There

Like the surreal sequences in a film like 127 Hours, we get visual ideas that go beyond the moment and into an abstract space. At once, you’re made to feel like these events really happened all those years ago.

Great Cinematography and Editing

Shyju Khalid’s cinematography and Vivek Harshan’s editing work in perfect harmony to give you the whole range of emotions as you go through this tense ordeal.

Equally Arresting Performances

The performances are all equally arresting with each actor performing as well as the last. Despite their minimal screentime, each of them form as fully evolved characters, leaving us with envy for not being a part of this gang.