Malayalam Films That Were Ahead Of Their Time

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Devadoothan (2000)

This supernatural thriller, directed by Sibi Malayil, was ahead of its time with its unique blend of music and supernatural elements, setting it apart from traditional Malayalam cinema.

Bhoothakannadi (1997)

Directed by Lohithadas, this film was groundbreaking in its exploration of complex psychological and sociopolitical themes, challenging conventional norms in Malayalam cinema.

Kaiyoppu (2007)

Directed by Ranjith, "Kaiyoppu" was ahead of its time in its portrayal of the existential dilemmas of its characters, offering a deep and philosophical narrative.

Big B (2007)

Starring Mammootty, this crime thriller was progressive in its narrative style and portrayal of urban crime, making it a trendsetter in Malayalam cinema.

Njan Gandharvan (1991)

This film, directed by P. Padmarajan, was ahead of its time in its poetic and surreal exploration of love, desire, and human nature, presenting a unique cinematic experience.

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