Malaikottai Vaaliban First Day First Impression

Team FC

Lijo Jose Pellissery's Unyielding Vision

Director Pellissery, unfazed by past criticism, remains committed to his unique filmmaking style, bringing a larger-than-life project to life starring Mohanlal.

Western Flair in Malaikottai Vaaliban

Malaikottai Vaaliban adopts a Western narrative structure, placing an enigmatic cowboy figure in Kerala's historical setting, creating tension between form and content.

Action-packed Introduction of Mohanlal

The film kicks off with an impactful action sequence introducing Mohanlal, exuding swerve and Western iconography, setting the tone for the larger-than-life journey.

Catchphrase-driven Narrative

Screenwriter PS Rafeeq employs a resonant catchphrase, "Whatever you have seen till now is a lie. What you are about to see is the truth," becoming the film's central philosophy.

Subliminal Mission Statements

Pellissery's penchant for subliminal mission statements continues, as in his previous film, relying on impactful lines to underscore the central narrative's nuances.

Inconsistent Connective Tissue in Vaaliban

While Pellissery's surface-level strategy aids interpretation, the film "Vaaliban" suffers from inconsistent connective tissue, impacting the overall cohesion of the narrative.