Major Hit Songs By Vishal Mishra

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Pehle Bhi Main - Animal

Vishal Mishra weaves a tapestry of emotions with "Pehle Bhi Main," where the poignant melody resonates with the echoes of New love, capturing the raw vulnerability of passion reverberating through the listener's soul.

Kaise Hua - Kabir Singh

Vishal Mishra paints a musical canvas that mirrors the unpredictable journey of love. The song's evocative notes create an immersive experience, evoking a bittersweet nostalgia that tugs at the heartstrings

Nai Lagda - Notebook

Vishal Mishra's Nai Lagda is a symphony of romance, where each note is a brushstroke of passion. The song envelops the listener in a warm embrace, igniting the senses with the intoxicating essence of newfound love.

Pehla Pyaar - Kabir Singh

Vishal Mishra crafts a melody that encapsulates the innocence and exhilaration of first love. The song's enchanting rhythm and heartfelt lyrics create a euphoric atmosphere, allowing the listener to relive the magic of initial romantic encounters.

Jaan Bann Gaye - Khuda Haafiz

Vishal Mishra's Jaan Bann Gaye is a soul-stirring ballad that captures the essence of profound love. The music unfolds like a love story, wrapping the listener in a cocoon of emotions and resonating with the transformative power of true companionship.

Zihaal-e-Miskin - Single (Indie)

Vishal Mishra's rendition of "Zihaal e Miskin" is a mesmerizing blend of classical and contemporary, creating a spiritual journey for the listener. The song's ethereal aura and intricate melodies transport the audience to a realm of divine dance.

Naatu Koothu - RRR

Vishal Mishra's "Naatu Koothu" is a jubilant celebration of life, where the vibrant beats and infectious rhythm evoke a sense of joyous revelry. The song immerses the listener in the lively spirit of traditional dance, creating an irresistible urge to join the festive festivities.

Birthday Bonus: Sun Bhi Le - Ittu si Baat

Composed by Vishal Mishra and sung by Arijit Singh, It is A hauntingly beautiful melody, it weaves a tapestry of vulnerability, resonating with the listener's soul and inviting them to embrace the poignant echoes of introspection.

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