Madgaon Express Movie Review

Rahul Desai

Supremely Funny

A Supremely Funny Trip to the Movies. Kunal Kemmu’s directorial debut sparkles with hat-tips to a legion of buddy movies, from The Hangover to Dil Chahta Hai. It is very successful at tapping a sense of humour that some of us are too shy to reveal.

Laugh Riot

Madgaon Express left me with a bellyache – but in the best way possible. The buddy comedy made me laugh so hard for so long that it felt like I was avenging all the years of laughing at unintentionally funny films.

Three Friends and Goa

Their failed attempts after high school and college make the dream burn brighter. So in 2015, as full-blown but unfulfilled adults, they make the better-late-than-never dash – except Goa is nothing like the movies, and yet it’s everything like the movies.

A Gangster Saga

A group of Goan gangsters succumb to a post-lunch susegad, leaving their hostages to escape. A don named Mendoza is addressed as everything but his name: Mandakini, Mangola, Madeline. A needy bachelor imagines a musical life montage with the first pretty girl he sees.

An Ode to Past Comedies

If you’ve followed director Kunal Kemmu’s acting career, however, you’ll know the humour is far more diverse and…old-school. Kemmu’s always had great (and underrated) comic timing, and he brings himself to the table with reckless abandon here.

Casting Elevates the Material

Somehow, most of the jokes land, even when they don’t. It’s a familiar template that often mocks its own familiarity. The casting elevates the material.