MAD Review: A Hilarious Campus Comedy In Which Logic Doesn't Matter At All

Ram Venkat Srikar

MAD is True To It's Title

The film is so unapologetically silly that it is hard to take it seriously. Even if you try to, you are likely to laugh at yourself for even thinking about seriously critiquing this film because everything on display, from start to finish is pure madness.

It's an Amalgamation

Think of the decidedly silly and innocent tonality of Jathi Ratnalu (2021) and marry it with the witty world of 3 Iditots (minus all the serious, thought-provoking bits)

Amalgamation Continues

Fill it with oddball characters from Chhichhore (2019) and sprinkle it with the 'All fun no study' energy of the elite high school from Student Of The Year (2012) and you have MAD imbibing the most joyous traits of all these films to deliver a rollicking ride.

No Logic, Only Magic

MAD is set in an engineering college where education is given the same importance as physics is given in Boyapati Srinu films. Naturally, this eliminates the argument about the film being a realistic depiction of the education system in India. It isn't.

The Humour Works Big Time

Thankfully, the humour in MAD is largely original, meaning it doesn't simply refer to existing pop culture to elicit laughter. Barring a couple of gags, the comedy never relies on double entendres or toilet humour.