Maaveeran Action Director Breaks Down Sivakarthikeyan’s Stunts From That Suave Interval Scene

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

Madonne Ashwin’s Maaveeran (now streaming on Amazon Prime Video)

Maaveeran has an electrifying action sequence — with its hero Sivakarthikeyan hurling men through a pile of bricks — right before the film breaks for intermission.

Unlike Its Predecessors

The film’s interlude doesn’t celebrate the machismo of an alpha hero. It pokes fun at a softie who is forced to take up arms by a voice from beyond the skies. 

It Follows The Coming-of-Age Of a Reticent Hero

The inventiveness in Maaveeran is in its treatment of stunts, and Yannick Ben, the action director of the film, approached it with one brief in mind — keeping it fresh.

Maaveeran is a Superhero Film, Any Way You Slice it

“I thought the concept was really funny. It is about a man who suddenly becomes the hero of his own story, which I thought was really cool.” said Yannick Ben.

The Trickier Beast Was To Conquer Originality in a Film As Unique As Maaveeran

“When you work on a lot of ideas, you would often be like what else can the voice say? That becomes tricky because the body cannot do 1000s of movements at one point. Okay you miss left and right, but then what more can you do?” Yannick laughs.