Love's Second Act: The 5 Best Elderly Romances On-Screen

Anushka Halve

1. Cheeni Kum (2007)

Bachchan’s chemistry with Tabu is palpable, but it isn’t what we are used to seeing between a leading couple. The sparks don’t fly, instead, the fire burns quietly and the warmth lingers.

2.  Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (2007)

For Oscar(Boman Irani) and Naheed(Shabana Azmi), their love (however taboo) brings joy and support. Their relationship ensures us that second chances are worth taking because love might give you the strength needed to heal.

3. Life in a…Metro (2007)

Their story is full of tender exchanges and small gestures of love – in stark contrast to the young buzzing romances in the film, theirs is the love of a lifetime. Few storytellers are able to appreciate the nuances of romance at a later stage in life.

4. Finding Fanny (2014)

Ferdie(Naseeruddin Shah) and Rosie (Dimple Kapadia) find their love for each other on this bizarre trip. They’re quirky, unconventional, and sometimes downright weird, but it works out for them. The idea is to never give up on love, because it can happen when we least expect it.

5. OK Kanmani (2015)

The way Ganapathy(Prakash Raj) looks after Bhavani(Leela Samson), who is an Alzheimer's patient, is adorable – it conveys the comfort, warmth, and familiarity that come with spending a lifetime together.