Life Lessons From Desi Horror Movies

Team FC

If a Self-Respecting Chudail is Trying To Intimidate You

The least you could do is oblige her by feeling terrified and scrambling to run away. It’s only the morally right thing to do. Do not cue imaginary romantic background music when a chudail is charging towards you to kill you. 

If The Real Estate is in Mumbai And Cheap, AVOID

Bhoot (2003) and Purani Haveli (1989) remind you that the suspiciously-low priced real estate comes with the possibility of a possessed spouse or watching a Neanderthal on psychedelics chasing the people you love. 

Investigate Which God Needs To Be Invoked For The Exorcism

Arjun from 1920 (2008) makes the rookie mistake of getting a priest to perform an exorcism because Lisa (the possessed) is Christian. There is an obvious logical fallacy here. 

Keep a Bottle Of Water At Your Side Table At Night

Bhoot is an example of what not to do: Swati goes downstairs to the kitchen to drink water, ominously shadowed by the ghost of a woman in black. It was a moment that made people scream in theatres and have left many with a longstanding aversion to mirrors. 

If Your Photo Looks Weird, Move Out

Long before we realised filters for photographs were evil, Manohar from 13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009) noticed that when he clicks pictures inside the threshold of his dream home, they look… weird.