Lesser Known Thriller Films Around The World

Team FC

The Square (2008) - Australia

Ray and Carla choose to leave their significant others and escape with stolen drug money from Carla's husband. However, their plans do not unfold as expected.

Hidden Face / La cara oculta (2011) - Columbia

Adrian, a conductor for an orchestra, is deeply upset when his girlfriend Belen ends their relationship. The situation becomes more troubling when his new live-in girlfriend Fabiana finds a key and hears mysterious tapping noises.

The Platform (2019) - Spain

In a prison where prisoners are given food on a platform that lowers, those on higher levels take more than their fair share, leaving those below to starve on leftovers. One man chooses to alter the system.

Forgotten (2017) - Korean

When his kidnapped brother reappears, appearing to be a changed person with no recollection of the last 19 days, Jin-seok sets out to uncover the truth about the enigmatic abduction.

Anatomy of a Fall (2023) - France

A man's death is believed to be at the hands of his wife, and their visually impaired son is the only one who knows what truly happened, causing him to grapple with a moral conflict.

Game Over (2019) - India

Swapna, a game designer dealing with PTSD, resides alone with her housemaid. Her life takes a dramatic turn when a serial killer invades her home, forcing her to engage in a harrowing game for survival.