Leo To Animal - Best Intro Scenes of The Year | 2023 Wrap

Team FC

Vikram Rathore in Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan has a great number of entry scenes in Jawan, but an older version of the elusive Vikram Rathore swooping in to save the day right before the interval has to be the most iconic. Khan laces the character with an effortless charisma.

Abrar Haque in Animal

The camera pulls back to show a pair of heavy-lidded eyes, gleaming with mischief, a full beard and the glint of a devilish smile. Meet Abrar, the arch villain of Animal, played by Bobby Deol.

Parthiban in Leo

A delicious irony in a film in which the more compelling intro scene is reserved for Parthiban and not Leo. The first glimpse we catch of Parthiban in Leo is his eyes through the rearview mirror of his car. The eyes show the slightest glint of fear.

Surbhi in Sapta Sagaradache Ello - Side B

She, a sex worker, is listening to music with her earphones and is nonchalant, making no effort to make herself appealing to the customer. However, it is that which attracts Manu. He tells the pimp, “I want that girl who is wearing earphones.”

Alliyus Caesar in Jigarthanda DoubleX

“Kaatu payaluku simhasanama?” a man casually berates Alliyus Ceaser seconds before his entry. He unleashes his whip, which stylishly wraps the two ivory tusks that sit on the throne.

Jamal Abdul Musthafa Hussain in Daredevil Musthafa

Long before the lovely Shishir Baikady steps into the frame in this Kannada film, directed by Shashank Soghal, your curiosity peaks as to who is the new boy who’s entering college. And about whom everyone is having a debate.

Robert in RDX 

The scene, even though simple by design, of Shane Nigam coming to know about the tragedy that has befallen his family is a tightly constructed scene that gains momentum by way of smart back and forth structure. 

ASI George Martin in Kannur Squad 

Superstar Mammooty is shown to us with little fanfare and the audience, well versed with the cinematic grammar of star vehicles latch on to the stripped down machismo on show.

Deva in Salaar

A great dialogue with Deva's mother, encapsulating the character's celebrated violent nature. This dialogue exalts a simple act of Deva coming home in the evening after work into a strong intro scene, warning us that the man is a volcano waiting to erupt.

Balakrishna in Veera Simha Reddy

A leonine preamble, summarising the virtuous legacy of patriarch Veera Simha Reddy segues into a face reveal that's both simplistic and grand, as we see the man participate in a temple yaagam for the prosperity of his people.