Leo First Day First Impression: Vijay Is Terrific In Leo

Harshini S V

Even Before The Film’s Release

Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Leo enjoyed a certain hype, thanks to the most asked question - Is the Vijay-starrer a part of LCU? If so, will it have cameos or voice cameos from the stars of the universe?

Packed With Several New Attempts

which doesn’t belong to Lokesh’s style. Some leave an impact, while a few don’t click. But they would have served better in a different film. After getting used to his one-note flashbacks, we wish Leo had taken the same route.

Importance Given To Trisha’s Character

It is a welcome move from Lokesh Kanagaraj in Leo Even though Sathya has nothing to do with Parthi’s constant action sequences, you can spell out her character. 

Vijay Is Terrific In Leo

The constant guessing game in predicting the identities of Parthi and Leo is brilliantly carved in a way to hold your entire attention until the last moments, and this unpredictability also lends more scope for Vijay to perform.

Anirudh Is Back Again

After his magic in Vikram and Jailer, ensuring the mass moments get Mass-ier in Leo. Just like the ‘Hukum’ song in Jailer, ‘Badass’ and other songs are placed perfectly.