Kriti Sanon's Favorite Failure

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I Love Comedy

Firstly, I don't know why they don’t write comedy for women. People think that to do comedy you have to laugh at yourself and be comfortable not looking good and making faces, and women should look elegant and poised so I think a lot of people have broken it in the past.

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Acting Process

I have not been a trained actor. I haven’t done theatre or any other kind of acting. I have figured out my process of what worked for me and what did not work for me on the job. I’ve always been open to trying new things.

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Acting and Beauty

I think it depends on the character. For a character like sifra, you need the beauty as she is perfectly made. If it is something like a Bareilly ki barfi or a mimi to be putting on 15 kilos for a film is a must. So that time it can’t be about beauty.

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Losing Opportunities

To feel envy is very normal. When you want some film and you feel you could’ve done it so well and it goes to someone else ofcourse you feel like, I should’ve done it. You have to find your opportunity and I kind of feel that every film has its own destiny.

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Validation as an Actor

I don’t come from a film background. Opportunities going to someone else would bother me alot more when I was new as I was looking for a lot more validation and that was a part of the process. Once mimi happened a sense validation happened on it’s own.

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Raabta is my Favorite Failure 

Even though I don’t like calling it a failure because for me it wasn’t. That film in general made me grow a lot as an actor. It was very layered for the first time. I was prepping a lot for a role for the very first time. I got over the phobia of being underwater and I got over it for the film.

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