Kriti Sanon On Winning The National Award

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After 5-6 takes even I tend to get mechanical. My best takes are between the first 3-4. Unless and until the director has a completely different view, for that and if someone changes something to try something new. Doing the same thing again and again sometimes gets exhausting. 

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Male-Centric Films

The budget going in for a male-centric film is huge. The difference in payment currently is also huge. Sometimes you think it’s not that the person has given a hit in the last so many years but why is the gap 10 times? On digital certain male-centric films do very well.

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Budget Constraints for a Women-led Film

When there is a film on women people are still scared to put in the amount of money that they would’ve for the same story had it been men because people are sort of apprehensive to take the risk that are these films going to get the money back or not.

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"I’m a Learning Producer"

I feel like yes I have turned a producer and I’m going to try and get more films that I would love to make. To support stories I feel should be made. Be more involved creatively other than just being an actor on set and produce films where I’m not the actor at all. 

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As you grow your goals become different every time. Right now I am in a slightly secure calm space where I’m not running after what next. After years currently, I don’t have a film signed. Because I don’t want to sign until I love it. For now, It’s not liking a script. It’s loving it.

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A Moment in Life That Added Fizz to My Life

I think winning the national award was the biggest moment for me. It added more than fizz. It was something every actor dreams for and It was something I had written in my diary of dreams 2 years before it happened. I had happy tears in my eyes when It was announced.

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