Konkona Sen Sharma Reflects On The Mirror of Lust Stories 2 | FC Director’s Adda 2023

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In The Director’s Adda 2023

Konkona Sen Sharma who directed a film, Mirror in the analogy Lust Stories 2, has been applauded for her direction and performances in the 30 minute short story. Here is what she said in the interview about direction and the craft of filmmaking.

"Whenever You Start Anything Creative

It’s really a sense of I want to share this feeling of what it is, it is an experience of living. I think it’s exciting to see people how you’ve not seen them before."

On Reality and Movies

"Whether You're a domestic worker, An employer or a CEO of a company, it is not based on your looks. We do that in films sometimes but in reality, it is anyways not like that. There is no reason to adhere to kind of what were falsely doing in films."

"I Wish That People Cast More Imaginatively"

"I’ve also suffered from that in a sense. It’s nice to see people how you’ve not imagined them."

In Lust Stories

"I was so excited by the idea myself, i was scandalized myself with the whole thing. I found it so exciting and i was like “Oh My God!” Can we? “Oh My Go!” Should We? How to go about it in a way which is palatable?"

I Love The Great Indian Kitchen

I think it’s because it’s so normalized, we’ve all grown up to different degrees like this. But to know when to shine a light and on what and how to present it, really blew my mind. I was like Oh my god! Why didn’t I think of this?

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