Koffee With Karan Season 8: Let’s Talk About Depression With Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Team FC

Konfessions In HD

They share their wedding video — a furiously private affair by a lake in Italy; one where drones trying to sneak and capture the festivities were reportedly shot down — and crack open the door, a little, just about enough, for us to mistake footage for intimacy.

When Asked About Relevance

Ranveer says, “Relevance is irrelevant”, and it is such a patently stupid thing to say, given he seems to be on every hoarding, magazine cover, ad — there seems to be no respite — and what else is that if not seeking relevance? .  

With Padukone, The Conviction Is Stronger

Those long pauses she takes before saying the most banal condensates feel like she is processing how to strip life down to bromide. The boredom she curdles with such replies, as though that is her armour.

And The Hero Is…Karan Johar

Johar on the other hand understands charisma, and storytelling. He is furious with the details. It is not about Padukone being in depression, it is about that time on a helicopter when she couldn’t stop crying.

Padukone And Singh, The “it” Couple Of The Industry

He keeps kissing her shoulder, the part of her closest to him, as they are seated on the couch, cramped into a corner, for love knows no claustrophobia. It is love performed as we like it, unlikely yet now unimaginable any other way.