Koffee with Karan: Ananya Panday And Sara Ali Khan Are a Reminder of How Boring Celebrities Can Be

Deepanjana Pal

In His Opening Monologue

Johar promises us a chat with the potential to go “bonkers” because Khan and Panday are “highly inflammable girls”. He raises expectations of a tell-all, filled with sizzling secrets and bold confessions.

Ananya Coy Kapur

What we get is Panday being, in her own words, “Ananya Coy Kapur” and Khan going from vague to hysterical, possibly from the sheer boredom of being perched on the Koffee couch. In that at least, Khan’s sentiments are entirely relatable.

Shouldn’t This Be Fun?

A conversation that begins with ex-boyfriends, goes on to the topic of living under the thumbs of formidable mothers, includes admissions of failure, pronouncements like “In this woke world, Sara is slept”


Khan and Panday are couch companions not so much for their personal friendship, but because they share an “ex” factor (read: Kartik Aaryan) and because one is single while the other is in a committed relationship.

The Giggles Are Polite, The Answers Even More So

Once upon a time, Johar’s clever mix of the chat show and interview format delivered mic-drop answers and revelations that led to tittering controversies. Thanks to (justified) fears of being trolled