King of Kotha Review: A Clever, Self-Aware Action Drama Turns Into An Empty Postcard Of Daggers And Swagger

Vishal Menon

More Than Just a Big, Bloated Superstar Coronation

The opening first hour of Abhilash Joshiy’s King Of Kothasurprises you with its cleverness. Not only do these portions remain a step ahead of the viewer with its presentation and performances, but there’s also a hint of self-awareness

Awkward Punchlines Dilute Serious Moments

Just when you feel like a scene has fought the good fight to deliver on all of its promises, it culminates in a punchline that is either silly or awkward.

Raju Remains Invincible

From a real person with bruises and injuries, Raju transforms into a full-blown myth after he becomes Raju ‘Madrassi’. Except for a moment of weakness or two. there is no deeper understanding of just what or who he is fighting for.

Snapshots of Daggers and Swagger

And you wonder why because the writing tries to create interesting set-ups that could have been put to better use later on.When details coalesce with the larger arc, it helps the film to some extent. 

The Reason Why The Film Remains Watchable

Because it finds new ways to tell you things you already know. Especially the excellent cinematography by Nimish Ravi and the world-building by the whole production team that creates a fictional Kotha out of thin air.