Kantara Ending Explained (In Detail)

Team FC

A Climactic Clash Ensues

In which forest officials join hands with the villagers and fight Devendra and his army of men. In the bloodshed, several lives are lost. Devendra and his henchmen dominate the killings.

During The Climax Of Kantara

Shiva's connection to Panjurli becomes more pronounced as he strikes his head against Panjurli's stone, and seems to be possessed by Panjurli’s companion deity, the vengeful Guliga. Shiva becomes almost superhuman as he assassinates an army of Devendra’s men.

In The Concluding Scene

we see Shiva perform a Bhuta Kola and embodying Panjurli's spirit. Murali is in attendance, as are other villagers. Towards the end, he has the forest official join hands with the villagers over his chest.

Promoting Unity And Harmonious Living in The Future

The message is simple: So long as the inhabitants of the forest work together to maintain peace, the forest will thrive with them. Panjurli will continue to intervene when human greed takes over. Equilibrium will always be restored.

Then, Unexpectedly, Shiva Runs Into The Forest

Just like his father had years ago. Much like his father had left his family behind, Shiva leaves behind an unborn child and the suggestion is that this child will continue the Bhuta Kola tradition.