Kangana Ranaut’s Best Performances, Ranked

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5. TANU WEDS MANU (2011)

Ranaut's turn as Kanpur-prowling firebrand, Tanu Trivedi, acquired context and novelty mainly with respect to where it appears in her filmography.

4. LIFE IN A…METRO (2007)

There was something immensely sad and fragile about Ranaut's Neha in Anurag Basu's perceptive multi-narrative drama. This was, incidentally, her only truly successful supporting performance.

3. GANGSTER (2006)

Her first film, again directed by Anurag Basu, was a stark glimpse of the "tone" that Ranaut's raw-outsider credentials might have inspired her to embrace.


We've never seen a mainstream actress so seamlessly disappear – and not just by way of her physicality – into the folds of a culture primarily at odds with her 'signature' role.

1. QUEEN (2014)

Her role as the diminutive middle-class Delhi girl on a solo European honeymoon signaled the end of Ranaut, the trier. All the baggage had been shed. For once, she didn't have to externalize her vulnerabilities.

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