Kaathal - The Core Review: The Jeo Baby Film Is A Remarkable Take On The Complexities Of Coming Out

Harshini S V

Mammootty Is An Actor Who Isn’t Afraid To Take Risks

Lending a powerful space in mainstream cinema to address socially relevant issues to a larger audience.

On September 6, 2018

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), a law that criminalises same-sex relations was revoked. The moment was celebrated, and newspapers in the days that followed were flooded with many narratives and opinions,

Mammootty Takes a Powerful Stand

In a way, Jeo Baby’s Kaathal – The Core picks up one such event that we have either gone through or witnessed or heard about after the monumental judgement. Omana files for a divorce, citing that Mathew is a homosexual man.

First Half

Heavy with dialogue and a slow-paced first-half, what keeps you invested in Kaathal – The Core is its adamancy in not surrendering to superficiality.

Subtle Vignettes

It is through subtle vignettes that Jeo shows where Mathew and Omana stand in each other’s lives — theirs is a love that is platonic, and one that has developed over years of familiarity and comfort.

Struggles Of Coming Out

Kaathal – The Core speaks about the struggles of coming out and addresses the need for acceptance in a conventional society. And if that’s not bold and progressive, I am not sure what is.