Kaala Paani Review: A Survival Drama Doubling Up As Philosophy 101

Team FC

Survival Drama

Director Sameer Saxena and writer Biswapati Sarkar come together to create a survival drama based in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The Pair is Good With This Genre

While Kaala Paani stumbles occasionally, for the most part, the show is an engaging watch that balances the many moving parts of its plot. 

Philosophy 101

The show's core conflict takes its inspiration from the classic trolley problem of philosophy which asks a question for which there is no simple answer. If you can save a larger number of people by sacrificing a smaller group, is that justified?

Scorpion-Frog Saga

For all the good choices that Kaala Paani makes in its storytelling, the show’s writing team is guilty of telling us the scorpion-frog saga that has to be the most overused hackneyed device since it appeared in the trailer for Darlings.

Tussle Between Nature And Free Will 

Can we fight our nature? Can the scorpion choose to be the frog? Are we capable of change or are we imprisoned in our metaphorical Kaala Paani?