K-dramas To Watch From September 2023

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A Time Called You - Netflix

A captivating Kdrama adaptation where a grieving woman travels back in time to meet a high school boy who resembles her lost love.

Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun - Disney+ Hotstar

Eun Seom leads a battle for Arthdal's throne in this thrilling sequel, challenging Ta Gon's rule.

The Day - Amazon Prime Video

A gripping Kdrama unfolds when a desperate father kidnaps a wealthy girl to save his daughter, but a memory loss twist changes everything.

Han River Police - Disney+

Follow two Seoul officers on thrilling adventures, tackling terrorism and accidents with humor and action in this classic buddy cop series.

The Escape Of The Seven - Viu

Influential figures risk all to uncover the truth in a high-profile missing girl case, driven by secrets and desires.

CEO-dol Mart - Viu

A disbanded idol group discovers they've become supermarket owners after five years. Will they reunite to face this unexpected challenge?

Song of the Bandits - Netflix

Set in the 1920s under Japanese colonial rule, fierce bandits and Korean Independence Army fighters unite to fight for their homeland's freedom.

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