Jeo Baby says "Mammootty's Support was Great" | FC Directors Adda 2023

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The Directors Adda 2023

With Jeo Baby, Avinash, Nelson, Karan Johar, Konkona Sen Sharma, Hemanth, Kartik and Vetrimaaran, Jeo Baby speaks of Kaathal - The Core, Having a feminist filmmaker tag and Doubts in Filmmaking.

I Have Alot of doubts, But I Clear Them With Myself

I think from the audience’s perspective for my films and I reserve that. At the same time I only discuss things with my partner, My DOP and my Editor and then only I go with an answer.

I Handwrite My Scripts

And only I can read that (because of the handwriting). There is no proper screenplay for me. When I’m writing there are just scene orders only, like there is a screenplay but proper dialogues are not there. I’m improvising. I’m waiting for the last minute to get a Fine-tuned dialogue.

Mammootty Sir Was Very Involved With Us

The screenplay for Kaathal - the core was exactly like this. When I heard the story, Mammootty sir came into my mind. I need an actor and a human being like mammootty. After listening to the story, he gave some suggestions for the entire screenplay. His support was great.

On Trying New Genres

Career wise, Profession wise I have to try new genres. I have to try comedy, I have to try movies like Jailer and Jigarthanda Double X. I don’t know why I make the same kind of movies. So I keep trying with my next, not sure. But I keep trying.

Feminist Filmmaker

Right now, I have a tagline that I’m a feminist kind of filmmaker, a political filmmaker. The society affects me, My families affect me, My relationship affects me. If there is no feminism in my film, people try to find feminism.

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