Jee Karda Series Review: More Vibes than Substance

Rahul Desai

7 Childhood Friends

Arunima Sharma’s Jee Karda starring Tamannaah Bhatia, Suhail Nayyar, Aashim Gulati, Anya Singh and more is an eight-episode series about seven childhood friends in Mumbai.

Fruity, Lightweight story

It’s about school friends who remain inseparable till their 30s – a sitcom-style luxury I’ve always envied, given the inherent human ability to grow apart and move on. It’s also a fruity, lightweight story in a year of bleak socio-political thrillers and dramatic adaptations.

Tricky Part

If it isn’t clear already, my desire to enjoy Jee Karda remained just that: A desire. The tricky part about such shows is that it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint where they go wrong. There is no single reason. No single department is visibly poor.

Ironies of Urban Living

Jee Karda tries too hard to defy the traditions of Hindi storytelling, and therefore comes across as aggressively hip and showy. It doesn’t mine the ironies of urban living so much as flaunt them.

Sore Thumb

In the age of Succession and School of Lies – where verbal jousts and deep-rooted trauma become set pieces of their own – Jee Karda stands out like a sore thumb.