JD Chakravarthy Recalls Five Iconic Satya Moments

Ram Srikar

The Arrival of Satya

Let me tell you a secret. I shot the scene in which Satya comes out of the railway station. Ramu garu wasn't available that day and he gave us a brief that I will be walking out of the staion. Anurag Kashyap was assisting me back then.

Confrontation with Bhiku Mhatre in prison

Manoj hit me with so much force My nose was bleeding like an open tap. I'm not joking. After that incident, I began wearing a cricket guard while filming action scenes with Manoj because it gets intense while shooting with that guy.

Satya and Bhiku Commit Murder in The Daylight

Around a year ago, Ramu garu and Puri Jagannadh called me and started praising me.I eventually learnt that they were watching Satya at the time, and in this scene, they felt that I delivered the line, 'Maar, Guru Narayan ko maar, Bhiku,' with great conviction. This phone call is more memorable than the actual experience of shooting it.

The Theatre Mishap

I was under immense pressure to find 1000 junior artists, but we could only afford 680. Determined to make it work, I distracted the director during breakfast and let the extras slide in. Thankfully, he believed there were 1000, and we pulled off the scene.

Satya's Death

Gerard Hooper, our cinematographer, thought I was really dead. He jumped over the camera and tried to perform CPR on me. This happened for real.