Japan Review: Karthi Is Hilarious In This Mindless, Silly Film

Harshini S V

When We Are First Introduced To Karthi’s Japan Muni

A thief who is searched by all the four southern states, we see him through a film within the film, where gold-coated helicopters and suitcases make rounds, and even the frames are completely yellow-tinted.

In This Film-Within-The-Film

We have Karthi playing dual roles; one is a thief and the other is a cop.While the cop spews punch dialogue and jumps on the car, breaking glasses, it reminds one of the cop Suriya played in Singam. 

A Farcical But Fascinating Premise

In the actual film too, Raju treats his protagonist as a larger-than-life character who cannot be harmed even by bullets. When drunk, he becomes the Robin Hood of Tamil Nadu, giving jewels to everyone he meets on the road.

Film Fails But Karthi Rises

Many sequences fail to hold your attention because the plot runs into predictable spaces and the supporting characters are pushed to the background, leaving nothing concrete to hold on to.

How Much Of Its Goofiness You Buy Into

Many sequences lack logic and the film has a wafer-thin plot line that further dilutes, but I still did find a lot to like about this film. There is only very little that separates a crap film and a silly fun film, and that experience is subjective.