Jailer: The Business Logic And Magic Of Cameos

Ram Srikar

Nelson Dilipkumar’s Jailer 

His 5-minute role has fetched him an instant following among a Demography that has remained oblivious to his fandom. Shiva Rajkumar is Narasimha, an ex-convict reformed by the film’s protagonist, Muthuvel Pandian.

Theatre Owner Suresh Shenoy

Who runs the Shenoy Theatre Chain in Ernakulam, feels Mohanlal’s cameo is a major factor in the success of Jailer in Kerala. “Mohanlal may have had just two scenes in Jailer, but they are both very powerful.”

A Rewarding Affair

Industry tracker Sreedhar Pillai notes that it is “an old theory or faith” that the presence of a popular star from a specific region will help the film’s box office prospects in the respective territory.

Magic of Stars

Film producer and historian G Dhananjayan attributes the “record-breaking collection” of the Jailer in the territories of Karnataka and Kerala to the cameos. “These two people have made a significant contribution.

Will Cameos Become a Concern?

The film industry runs on trends. If something works, it’ll be done to death. So, is it likely that the filmmakers might try to mimic the success of Jailer by casting popular actors in their films?